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  2004.07.14  11.13

This is an experimental page for an ongoing communal narrative (or anti-narrative) which can include any narrative (or non-narrative) form such as prose, poetry, lists, scripts, tables, images and surveys, etc. It is intended for anyone willing and interested in contributing to an ongoing piece of art (with periodic digressions). There are no restrictions but that contributions be a part of the ongoing story. It is hoped to develop a fusion of widely varied voices and styles and media within a somewhat coherent framework. The ridiculous is highly welcome. Please edit your contributions.

The idea is that the story is not planned, it evolves. So, if one writer or artist introduces a character or theme the next writer or artist can develop it, or not, as she or he chooses, as long as there is some kind of coherent link that makes it 'readable' (in the broadest sense of a readable 'text').

The idea partly came from a party scene in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, where characters' personalities are developed, and contemporary reading habits explored, through a joint storytelling game. I was thinking along the lines of Pynchon or Rabelais or Perec or something anti-novelistic when I thought of doing this, but perhaps an avante-garde soap opera could also be an apt description. I am reminded of a drawing game I learned in primary school where each child draws a section of a body, folds it over to conceal it, and passes the page onto another child who contributes the next section, and so on, until the page ends and an inconsistent creature is revealed which doesn't conform to any kind mould other than that the pieces fit together. Also think: serial, like Dickens or Conan-Doyle, where each contribution to a larger story is written periodically (The Pickwick Papers), or each short story contributes to a larger reality (the myth of Sherlock Holmes), but with different authors (as in a television series) and, of course, with different media.

Illustrators, digital artists, graphic novelists, photographers, cartoonists, poets, writers of any genre, scriptwriters, non-fiction writers, copywriters, painters, embroiderers, sculptors, artists of any description are welcome and encouraged to participate.



  2004.02.12  20.36

I've been so lazy and bad...
yeah- I got distracted and forgot. sorry about that.
Ha ha ha!


  2003.08.24  10.37
Sorry, guys

I mean to come in once a week and post. No one else has posted yet, though....hmm......


  2003.08.19  13.36
Start here----Modify as you see fit

This is my life...as a soundtrack...
> Opening Credits:
> Waking Up Scene:

> Car Driving Scene:

> High School Flashback Scene:
> Nostalgic Scene:

> Bitter, Angry Scene:
> Break-up Scene:

> Regret Scene:
> Nightclub/Bar Scene:
> Fight/Action Scene:
> Sad, breakdown scene:
> Mellow Scene:
> Dreaming About Someone Scene:

> Dreaming Scene:

> Sex Scene:
> Contemplation Scene:

> Chase Scene:
> Happy Love Scene:
> Happy Friend Scene:
> Death Scene:
> Funeral Scene:
> Closing Credits:


  2003.08.18  19.20

I woke up this morning and was thinking of you.
I showered and dressed - yeah, the purple top you like.
I smoked a cigarette and sat down to write.

How do you do?
That Voo doo?
That you do so well?

Call me Miss Red- it's tragic, I know.
Downright Dreadful.

Life is art.
Time is art.

vive la Vie and all that, right?
So show me your guts.
let me know who you are
what's your craft?
what's your trade?
tell me everything baby.
But that's so much- and thats sucha vague request.
Here, let me help you.
Just relax.